Corn Cravings & Sick Babies…

corn chowder

WOWSA, what a week. Since last Saturday we have been living quite the unpredictable life over here, dealing with a bad virus that took our poor little Char down. Needless to say, Nick and I are spent. Aren’t weekends supposed to relax you??? I’m hopeful that we all wake up tomorrow feeling 100% better. Due to our lack of energy, dinner tonight was a very basic soup, but one that turned out even better than we had hoped for. I’ve been craving corn for some time now, but it’s not super easy to find in the grocery stores given the season. Well, today we spotted fresh corn, and we decided to go with a corn and red pepper chowder. It that tasted so deliciously creamy, yet didn’t have one dash of cream in it; boy was it to die for! We kept it simple, pairing the soup with a nice baguette on the side, allowing for a super quick cleanup and early bedtime for all.  Continue reading “Corn Cravings & Sick Babies…”

Holiday Detox….


Nick has definitely earned the title for best soup chef in our household. I always think mine are good, but then I taste his, and they just put mine to shame. Recently he has perfected our go to cauliflower soup recipe, making it a tad chunkier in texture, by incorporating more whole pieces into the dish and adding a touch of flour, which I think fills you up more. Continue reading “Holiday Detox….”

Pumpkin Soup from Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard …



From last weeks post, you can see we took Char to her first pumpkin patch. It was so fun to get out of the city and let her play outside at Harvest Moon Orchards. We brought back only one pumpkin, and used it for dinner that night. In hindsight, we should have brought more, for future dishes. I was a big fan of pumpkin soup, as it’s probably the most similar to my #1 love, butternut squash. Happy Saturday Everyone!!! Continue reading “Pumpkin Soup from Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard …”

B-Squash is Back on the Shelves…


As if this cooler jacket weather isn’t already a reminder of the start of Fall, there are a few changes that take place in my super market that are a dead give away summer is over. One of the obvious, being the glorious over flow of beautiful butternut squashes taking over the produce department (insert lots of fist pumping here!!).  I had my first sighting yesterday, so OBVIOUSLY had to swoop one up immediately. Continue reading “B-Squash is Back on the Shelves…”

October Jackets & Braised Meat…


You must be thinking, how on earth do these two eat chili so many times in one week??  But honestly, it never gets old when the weather turns cooler. We crafted this braised short rib chili over the weekend, and it was SCRUMPTIOUS. Disgustingly, I actually had thirds, while my husband held onto some self control, allowing himself only seconds.We added sweet potatoes, corns, and beans, which gave the broth and overall dish a slight sweetness, which mixed great with the natural spiciness of the chili. Continue reading “October Jackets & Braised Meat…”

Green Chili Night Sweats….


And continuing with our fall soup traditions, we had one of our favorites this week: Spicy Green Turkey Chili. Nick tends to prefer this dish cooked with pork, but you know I try to healthy up every dish when I do the shopping, so ground turkey it was! You could also substitute chicken for this dish. One of my favorite parts of these meals is that, like a weirdo, I love to scarf down the leftovers cold. Not going to lie, this dish has a KICK, Continue reading “Green Chili Night Sweats….”

It’s Soup Season….


It’s officially Fall, which is my ultimate favorite time in the kitchen. Last week we made a simple minestrone, which actually provided us with two days worth of meals. We tried to eat super light before my parents came to town, knowing that we would be dining out and overindulging once they arrived. Minestrone is one of the quickest soups to make, and you really can’t screw it up. Honestly, you can’t! The best part is that it never gets old, because you can tweak the ingredients every time. Continue reading “It’s Soup Season….”