Mexican Cravings for Bebe’…

enchiladaI have always wanted to make chicken enchiladas, but believe it or not, have always been a tad intimidated by them. I’m not quite sure why, because, wow, was I pleasantly surprised how easy they came together. Not to mention DELICIOUS. This is exactly what this 38 week pregnant mama needed. Although the food coma I entered afterwards was quite brutal šŸ™‚ Continue reading “Mexican Cravings for Bebe’…”

When your sides are in a slump…

20170326_122232Lately I feel like most our meals have been repeats, hence the lack of posts. We have been rotating a lot of our go to faves for the week nights, which have been great, but how many soup and roast chicken pics do ya’ll really want to see??? We have however tried to get a little more creative in the sides department, to add a nice twist to the meal. This asparagus side was super delicious and filling, and a great way to clear out the fridge with some items, which is always my main goal. Nick was trying to replicate a dish he remembered his grandma serving a long time ago, and although I never tried that one, his own version was perfect.Ā  Continue reading “When your sides are in a slump…”

Corn Cravings & Sick Babies…

corn chowder

WOWSA, what a week. Since last Saturday we have been living quite the unpredictable life over here, dealing with a bad virus that took our poor little Char down. Needless to say, Nick and I are spent. Aren’t weekends supposed to relax you??? I’m hopeful that we all wake up tomorrow feeling 100% better. Due to our lack of energy, dinner tonight was a very basic soup, but one that turned out even better than we had hoped for. I’ve been craving corn for some time now, but it’s not super easy to find in the grocery stores given the season. Well, today we spotted fresh corn, and we decided to go with a corn and red pepper chowder. ItĀ that tasted so deliciously creamy, yet didn’t have one dash of cream in it; boy was it to die for! We kept it simple, pairing the soup with a nice baguette on the side, allowing for a super quick cleanup and early bedtime for all.Ā  Continue reading “Corn Cravings & Sick Babies…”

Chicken Nuggies & Condiments…

Chicken nuggets 2

O M G this might be my favorite post yet. And although these nuggets probably appear super basic, they were devoured in a total of 5 minutes between Nick and myself. Why did I wait so long to bake chicken nuggets? Have I been living under a rock? This recipe was originally inspired from one of my favorite food bloggers called Skinnytaste, but we made a few tweaks, just because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like heading out to the grocery store. The best part is, this entire meal can be prepped and baked in 20 minutes!Ā  Continue reading “Chicken Nuggies & Condiments…”

Pineapple Pico & Slow Cooked Tacos

pineapple tacos.JPG

This week, following our usual Taco Tuesday tradition, we made tacos using beef chuck roastĀ instead of the usual ground meat, and switched up theĀ toppings and marinade. I’ve been having a major fruit craving this entire pregnancy, so that’s where the pineapple pico came from.And instead of blindly dumping generous amounts of sauces into my crock pot, I actually broke out the food processor to blend the ingredients that go into the marinadeĀ first. I’m not going to lie, I actually plugged the food processor into the bathroom and closed the door while blending, b/c I prepped this during Char’s nap and had to be quiet! Oh small NYC living for ya! Continue reading “Pineapple Pico & Slow Cooked Tacos”

Chicken Wing Cravings…

buffalo chicken meatiesWe are a BIG FAN of hot and spicy over here as you already know, and Nick always has a cravings for buffalo wings these days. Last night we took this craving and turned it into a healthier version of wings, choosing to make some buffaloĀ chicken meatballs! Not gonna lie, we may have used an entire tub of frank’s red hot in the end, which in hindsight isn’t the healthiest, but you can certainly get away with using less. Continue reading “Chicken Wing Cravings…”

Detoxing from Cali….

Mango salsa cod

It’s been a while since our last photographed dinner. Between family in town and our week-long trip to California, healthy blog-worthy meals have been far and few between. However, we have certainly enjoyed all the delicious meals out recently, and it was great to take some time for just Nick and I this last week. Char was in great hands with her grandparents; getting spoiled with cookies, graham crackers, you name it.

Since getting back we have tried to keep the meals pretty light, and tonight’s dinner was our go-to pan seared cod, with an amazing avocado mango salsa on top. This picture doesn’t really do justice, and next time I’ll snap one of the salsa on its own. Continue reading “Detoxing from Cali….”