Leftovers Taken Up A Notch…

meatloaf-sandwichSo you have all already heard of my renewed love affair with meatloaf, but this just got even better. Last night, we had a killer meatloaf dish for 3, and for some reason, thought we needed 2 lbs of meat. Needless to say, we had half the meatloaf left over. So tonight, we got some fresh buns, mushrooms, tomato, and onions, and decided to treat the loaf like a burger, because let’s be honest, that’s really what meatloaf is in its truest form. A quick saute job, and this meal was out on the table 15 minutes post Char’s bedtime. In hindsight, the only thing I might have added would be avocado. However, the sandwiches were already thick, so you do have to limit the toppings somewhere.

We’ve had a really fun and active week, filled with play dates, picnics, and a new round of music classes for Char. She has started FINALLY saying “Mama” (her only word-which I’ve been patiently waiting for), and I am 100% not getting sick of it (jokes on Nick).My parents arrive this week, so we are excited for some fun fall NY activities, nice dinners out, and obviously bonding time for Char.

We used our classic Meatloaf Recipe, with ground turkey meat, however, we added Hoisin sauce to make it a tad sweeter (1 part bbq sauce 1 part hoisin 1/2 part Dijon mustard). Since we had the meatloaf already made, we put a little more effort in on the toppings, toasting the buns, sauteing the onions, and whipping up a spicy sweet honey mustard sauce. If you haven’t been to Maille on the UWS, you really should check it out. We frequent it every few months to get various types of mustards, since we tend to use them a lot when cooking.


Just bonding with Auntie Noelle, trying to break either her glasses or necklace, on repeat….

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