Humble Brag…These Chops Rocked…..


I am not going to even act modest, I crushed it last night in the kitchen. We are talking super ripe Pears, reduced in balsamic, cinnamon, and raisins, poured over a thick boneless pork chop. It was basically all my favorite oatmeal toppings mixed with dinner. BAM!  Continue reading “Humble Brag…These Chops Rocked…..”


It’s Soup Season….


It’s officially Fall, which is my ultimate favorite time in the kitchen. Last week we made a simple minestrone, which actually provided us with two days worth of meals. We tried to eat super light before my parents came to town, knowing that we would be dining out and overindulging once they arrived. Minestrone is one of the quickest soups to make, and you really can’t screw it up. Honestly, you can’t! The best part is that it never gets old, because you can tweak the ingredients every time. Continue reading “It’s Soup Season….”

Leftovers Taken Up A Notch…

meatloaf-sandwichSo you have all already heard of my renewed love affair with meatloaf, but this just got even better. Last night, we had a killer meatloaf dish for 3, and for some reason, thought we needed 2 lbs of meat. Needless to say, we had half the meatloaf left over. So tonight, we got some fresh buns, mushrooms, tomato, and onions, and decided to treat the loaf like a burger, because let’s be honest, that’s really what meatloaf is in its truest form. A quick saute job, and this meal was out on the table 15 minutes post Char’s bedtime. Continue reading “Leftovers Taken Up A Notch…”

Dallas Inspired Pork & Gravy Tacos…


And another taco dish makes the blog! We probably have tacos of some sort at least once a week. They are so quick to make and we keep finding new ways to change them up, with different sauces or toppings. Nick lived in Dallas a few years ago (oh wait, almost a decade now-WOW), but to this day, he STILL talks about these pork tacos with gravy sauce he loved down there. For the last few years, we have been trying to reinvent this gem in Nick’s eye 🙂  I think we nailed it! FYI, the more gravy the better applies here. Continue reading “Dallas Inspired Pork & Gravy Tacos…”

Spiralizing Through The Weekend…

zucchini noodles 2.JPG

And another weekend comes to an end….sigh. We were ALL over the map this weekend. From downtown to Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, you name it! All the while, this official 10 month old was trying to sprint everywhere. She is walking, falling, and laughing non-stop and on repeat; it’s GLORIOUS. Which brings us to today’s recipe, which reflects our current mood: TIRED. That calls for some shortcuts in the kitchen, using our good old friend the spiralizer and ground meat. Continue reading “Spiralizing Through The Weekend…”

Baby Steps & Gnocchi…..

Gnocchi 5

I feel like I should put a disclaimer on this recipe first and foremost, letting you know that this is NOT the easiest/quickest entree to attempt to make. However, if you have a long and free Friday night, and REALLY feel like getting ambitious, this is an AMAZING dish to try and create. It did require quite a few ingredients, but after reading the latest Food & Wine magazine, featuring so many delicious recipes inspired by Italy, we were really feeling aggressive. We had some friends over last night, and the guys went to town in the kitchen (so I can’t take much credit in this dish). However, the girls supervised, making sure the wine glasses were full 🙂 Continue reading “Baby Steps & Gnocchi…..”