About me…

Thanksgiving 2015-Charlotte was only 2 weeks old


Hi!! My name is Nicole and I currently live in NYC with my husband Nick (I know how fitting we have the same name). In November 2015, we welcomed our new baby girl Charlotte Rosalie into our family. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s only been with us for 3 months. Up until Charlotte’s arrival I had always worked in the retail industry. I decided in January to take a break from work and spend my time home with our daughter. In between our feed, play, sleep schedule I found myself getting small dosages of cabin fever. I thought to myself what could I get involved in, and that’s where the idea of this blog came to life.


My husband and I really love food. In fact our first date I think that was all we talked about. Being in NYC is the best place for foodies like us and weekends used to be our time to explore a new restaurant downtown. Obviously since Charlotte’s arrival our restaurant excursions have taken some what of a back seat. Therefore, we have really tried to step up our cooking game. We have always loved to cook and we actually have a lot of fun doing it together, especially with wine in hand 🙂 I decided to start documenting some of our best dishes. We are always trying to tweak recipes into our own healthier versions, as I am a little nutty and like to eat really clean . My husband on the other hand would eat pasta every night if I let him.  I’d say on most nights we meet in the middle.  Most of these meals you can prep/make in an hour, which is great for week day meals. I also felt like it was a fun way to reflect upon my adventures with lil miss Char.

Hope you enjoy!!





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